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Reliance Precision Limited

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Reliance Expands in Europe

Reliance announces the opening of a new office in the Netherlands to strengthen its business in the Benelux and Europe.

Having traded in Europe for many years, Reliance established an office in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s in order to be closer to its mainland European customers. Over the past 15 years Reliance Holland has become a well-known name in the Benelux precision technology industry and has represented Reliance's business across a large part of Europe.

"We are delighted with our continued business growth in the Benelux and Europe." says John Bazuin, European Sales Manager, "We have expanded our product range significantly and at the same time we have grown our team to ensure we continue to offer high levels of customer service.  We needed a bigger office and are pleased to have found one in the same town. Our new premises mean that Reliance Holland is now more accessible to our customers and there is room to grow in the future."

Reliance Holland offers technical and commercial support, helping customers to place orders and assisting technically with new applications or with improvements to current designs. Customers are able to order Reliance's range of mechatronic components and assemblies as both standard and modified products, assembled and tested in-house to the customers' own specifications. We offer multi-lingual support so that customers have the benefit of dealing directly with the manufacturer in their own language.

Reliance Holland manages business for both its parent organisations. Reliance Precision (RP) supplies custom-built electro-mechanical assemblies for the aerospace, defence, semi-conductor and scientific industries; Reliance Precision Mechatronics (RPM) supplies a catalogue range of mechatronic components and assemblies. RPM has added many new products to its range and now also offers drives and controls, which can be combined with the standard products to offer complete plug-and-play mechatronic assemblies. 


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