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Reliance Precision Limited

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Reliance Achieves Independent EPA Certification for Micro-Electronics Handling Facilities

Reliance announces successful certification to BS EN 61340-5-1:2007 for the handling of electro-static sensitive devices (ESDs). The award relates to ESD handling practices across a number of Reliance's manufacturing facilities including its latest, a fully enclosed Electro-static Protected Area (EPA).

The EPA is used to assemble performance critical electro-mechanical sub-systems containing highly sensitive electronic devices. These assemblies require effective handling practices to reduce the risk of contamination and failure.

Static generating devices are prohibited from the EPA and personnel working within the room, their workbenches and flooring are all fully grounded. Regular tests are carried out on the equipment, benches and flooring to ensure they continue to perform to the EPA specification.

Reliance has been active in the assembly of high performance electro-mechanical sub-systems for the defence and aerospace industry for over 40 years. Facing pressure to reduce size, weight and cost, Reliance's customers have begun to introduce more advanced integrated electronics into their sub-assembly designs, moving away from traditional discrete components.

"We have worked closely with our customers to understand their design strategies and to assess the implications for reliable manufacture and through life performance." - explains Alistair Gibson, Assembly Engineering Manager. "Our aim has been to foresee problems associated with ESD and manage them as part of our core assembly disciplines."

Product failure due to contamination of ESDs may not be evident during sub-system assembly, but can occur much later, during final assembly or in-service. By investing in ESD handling capabilities at a sub-system level Reliance aims to help its customers reduce the risk of late delivery and in-service failure of the parent product.

Reliance Precision Ltd provides design, manufacturing and test services to major equipment and systems manufacturers from industries spanning: aerospace, defence, semi-conductor and scientific instruments.


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