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Thermo Electron Rely on Linear Motion Expertise from Reliance

Reliance of Huddersfield prides itself on providing continuous customer support throughout product life.

Thermo Electron has used Reliance’s linear products in their AA series spectrometers since 1999. As the product has evolved Thermo Electron has repeatedly drawn on Reliance’s linear motion expertise to help them achieve their specified criteria and maintain their accuracy requirements.

Thermo Electron’s Design Engineers first approached Reliance with an interest in using two leadscrews in their spectrometer design, one to control the prism rotation and the other to control the optical grating.

As the AA series developed the designers were also challenged with providing a mechanism for height adjustment of the flame. Engineers at Reliance were able to satisfy this requirement by designing in a screwrail.

With both the evolution of the product and the manufacturing world’s demand for higher quality yet lower price, Thermo Electron sought to simplify the spectrometer design. Once again turning to Reliance for support, the screwrail was replaced with Reliance’s new screw driven RGLS slide. These slides integrate a leadscrew and slide into one neat, space saving package providing an economical solution with fewer parts which also facilitates assembly and gives excellent robustness and rigidity.

The RGLS slide consists of an aluminium guide and carriage, driven by a precision rolled stainless steel leadscrew. The product offers exceptional torsional stiffness and stability with a wear compensating anti-backlash driven carriage and a standard lead accuracy of 0.0006mm/mm.

Incorporation of Reliance’s screw driven RGLS slide into Thermo Electron Spectrometers not only simplified the assembly by reducing the number of parts and simplified the bracketry but also reduced the radial play ensuring Thermo Electron continued to meet the high levels of accuracy demanded by its customers.

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