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Reliance Precision Limited

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Quadrupole Mass Filters

Reliance Precision Limited has over 15 years experience in the manufacture of Quadrupole Mass Filters (QMF) for mass spectrometers. Over these years their facilities have evolved into a state of the art quadrupole manufacturing facility with experienced designers, clean room assembly, inspection and precision cleaning.

It is well known that the Quadrupole Mass Filter requires a very high degree of mechanical accuracy. Reliance has developed a computer model of the Quadrupole Mass Filter. This is used to evaluate the design of a Quadrupole Mass Filters against its performance criteria. Tolerance details for size, straightness, orthogonality, symmetry, positional accuracy, curvature, taper, and parallelism can be studied, and tolerances relevant to the customer's application may be stipulated. The model can produce details of ion entrance conditions, trajectories, and exit conditions, as well as representative mass peak shapes. Transmission versus resolution can be rapidly assessed for any design and in doing so, the optimum ion injection conditions can be specified.

The manufacturing processes are based around 12mm diameter electrode rods, dimensions and features of which can be produced to sub micron precisions. To match this, the mechanical dimensions of the parts and assemblies can be determined to within a few microns; often using unique Reliance designed and manufactured test equipment, the majority of which are beam tested on specific customer supplied equipment to ensure compliance to functional requirements. The Quadrupole Mass Filters high sensitivity to contamination is well known and as such, Reliance use a specially designed cleaning process on an automated line, to achieve the highest consistency of precision cleaning. Reliance also operates a manual assembly process, using a highly skilled workforce, in a laminar flow cleanroom classified to ISO 14644-1 Class ISO 6 (Fed Standard 209D Class 1,000).

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