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Reliance Precision Limited

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Studer ‘Reliance’ on Precision Grinding

A policy of sustained investment in leading edge equipment has allowed Reliance to maintain and continuously improve its capabilities. Typical of the company's philosophy of purchasing the best available production equipment was the recent purchase of a Studer S11 CNC cylindrical grinder.

Alex Greenhalgh, Reliance's Estimating Manager explained. "The nature of the challenging sectors that we serve, and the kind of demanding high-precision work that we undertake dictates that we invest in only technically superior machine tools.

"A growing workload, especially for small parts with challenging accuracy specifications, recently demanded that we searched for an additional CNC cylindrical grinding machine. To ensure that we purchased the optimum machine for our needs we did an analysis of factors such as the size, shape and the accuracy requirements of the grinding work that we had completed over the past 5 years. The results of this study allowed us to prepare our ideal machine specification. 



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