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Reliance Precision Limited

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New Reliance MD Predicts A Bright Future For Design Engineering In The Defence Industry

Andrew Wright recently became MD of Reliance Precision bringing a broad range of academic, business and industrial skills to the company. Coming from a successful background in the consulting engineering and chemical industry, Andrew now brings that same passion for science and technology to a specialist mechanical engineering environment.

Reliance Precision provides robust and high integrity components and assemblies to the aerospace and defence sector. Andrew joins the company as the defence industry faces challenging times and Reliance, having supplied the industry for over fifty years, is in the process of renewing its business strategy. Reliance is best known as a gear supplier and widely recognised for its catalogue of products; providing precision, high accuracy components and assemblies for rotary and linear motion. They are also able to collaborate on new product introduction programmes, providing specialist design and manufacturing experience and problem solving expertise; a service which some industry players are unaware of, but one which has been welcomed by many of its existing customers.  One of these describes the company as fulfilling a valuable role of 'niche industrialisation'. As a newcomer to the defence industry, Andrew sees the importance of raising awareness of the technical support Reliance has to offer:

"Particularly relevant for all of us in this industry is the need to continue to innovate, increasing the cost effectiveness and reliability of equipment. We perform well when we are addressing difficult engineering scenarios in design and assembly and Reliance can bring substantial added value to projects, especially when a programme is in the early stages of development."

As the global recession in public finances continues to bite in sectors such as aerospace and defence, Andrew believes it has never been more essential to encourage durable business relationships. By focussing on long term projects and providing outstanding customer support, Reliance has maintained a healthy flow of business and continues to find new work despite the current economic downturn. Defence is viewed as a key part of the company's long term future and Reliance understands that it must forge ever closer partnerships with its customers to maintain its success. Andrew would encourage anyone working at the early stages of a design programme involving precise, accurate motion to consider Reliance as their design and manufacturing partner.

Speaking on a more personal level, Andrew finds his new role at Reliance both stimulating and enjoyable. He comments on his new life in West Yorkshire:

"I sometimes imagine what I would have thought of myself as a 14 year old looking forward to what I'm doing now; discussing matters of space technology and being involved with designing a bionic hand: working alongside highly motivated and technical people who achieve extraordinary new things. It is a highly rewarding job and I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead."

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