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Reliance Precision Limited

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Leadscrew and Nut Assemblies Available Online

Reliance is pleased to announce the addition of leadscrew and nut assemblies to its online store, complementing the standard range of gears, couplings and hardware products.

Reliance leadscrews are available in standard diameters from 3.2mm to 24mm with standard leads from 0.3mm to 92mm. They are precision rolled from a premium grade, corrosion resistant, non-magnetic stainless steel and designed specifically for motion control applications where accuracy is paramount.

There are several nut designs available, many of which are offered with either triangular, round or threaded mounts. The innovative anti-backlash nut design, using self-lubricating polymers, provides assemblies which compensate for wear with low frictional drag torques and excellent positional repeatability. Positional bi-directional repeatability with an anti-backlash nut is generally around 1.5micron, standard lead accuracy is better than 0.0006mm/mm (higher accuracy 0.0001mm/mm is available on request).

Leadscrews can be supplied with end modifications such as bearing journals and mounting features, and proprietary low friction coatings can be specified, which will extend the life of the anti-backlash assembly by up to 300%. Leadscrew nuts can be manufactured to suit specific customer designs.

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