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Reliance Precision Limited

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Clutches and Collars Available Online

Reliance is pleased to announce the addition of the clutches and collars range to its online store, complementing the standard range of gears, couplings, leadscrews and hardware products.

The friction clutches are maintenance free and designed to protect actuators from torque damage. With zero backlash before slipping and adjustable slip torque settings, the clutches are available with either disc springs or wire compression springs. Disc spring versions are available to suit higher torques up to 120Ncm and wire compression spring versions are available to suit lower torque levels up to 30Ncm. Designed with a gear mounting diameter of 10f8 (-0.013/-0.035mm), Reliance's B10 bore gears are suitable. The clutches are manufactured from steel 9S MnPb28 with a black finish for the flange and Nylatron for clutch lining.

The range of collars includes:

  • One piece stainless steel clamp collars with threaded bore sizes M4 to M10 for threaded shafts.
  • Single and double width shaft collars do not mark the shaft and are excellent for high axial loads. Available in stainless steel or aluminium with bores from 3mm to 10mm.
  • One-piece set screw collars manufactured from stainless steel with bores 4mm to 10mm.
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