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Reliance Expands its Range of Reli-a-Flex Precision Couplings

The hugely successful range of one piece Reli-a-Flex® couplings manufactured by Reliance Precision Mechatronics has been specifically designed to provide extremely accurate transfer of motion between two rotating shafts, while catering for parallel and angular misalignment.

The Reli-a-Flex® couplings are available from the Reliance Precision Mechatronics online store on a short lead-time, with a selected 'preferred range' available ex-stock. The coupling selector enables the designers to create their own unique Reli-a-Flex® coupling with exact specifications for the application in hand, rather than using a coupling with a similar specification which could potentially compromise the design.

The original range includes outside diameters from 13mm to 40mm and the additional micro sizes now available are 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. These couplings retain all the advantages of Reli-a-Flex's patented design, and are ideal for the accurate, miniature motion control applications demanded by the printing, medical and scientific instrument markets.

Other one piece couplings currently on the market may outwardly resemble the Reli-a-Flex® at first glance, but there is one vital difference. The patented slot design on the Reli-a-Flex® maintains a constant pivot length which minimises stress variations. On the Reli-a-Flex® the pivot points travel back and forward without changing the centre piece angle, resulting in uniform stress levels and accurate angular rotation. Similar looking couplings on the market can actually have a slot pattern where the pivot points move in and out, and the centre piece angle varies. This causes stress variations and less uniform rotation.

In tests performed on typical applications, the bi-directional error produced by a Reli-a-Flex® coupling used to drive a 3600 line encoder was four times smaller than that produced by a 4 beam spiral coupling.  When used to drive a 6.35mm lead leadscrew, the bi-directional error from the Reli-a-Flex® was 6 times less than that of the 4 beam spiral.

Reli-a-Flex® also offers predictable performance, having been tested for 50,000,000 cycles at its rated torque and 80% maximum offset.

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