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Customised Linear Motion Solutions

Alongside precision couplings, gears and intelligent motion control, Reliance Precision Mechatronics, the UK distributor for Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Inc, a premier manufacturer of engineered linear motion products, now has the capability to customise linear motion systems for many different types of application. An example of the customisation capabilities to meet a unique engineering requirement is a precision linear rail system developed for an application requiring very high stiffness, accuracy and repeatability.

Along the axial length of the system is a precision recirculating ball rail, which has a high-load capacity and high rigidity. The extruded aluminium frame supports all the components for the system. This particular design, the drive mechanism is a HaydonTM stepper motor and a precision rolled 303 stainless steel Kerk® leadscrew. Attached to both the leadscrew and the precision ball rail is a machined aluminium load carriage with an integral Delrin drive nut.

The rail system can be easily tailored to suit many alternative applications. The design of the rail mechanics allows a maximum load of 1570N in the 'Z' direction while maintaining accuracy specification. Maximum roll, pitch, and yaw specifications are 22.65 Nm, 13.9 Nm, and 13.9 Nm respectively. The practical load capability will depend on the motor / leadscrew combination.  The system has been designed around a 9.5mm diameter lead screw using standard leads of 0.64mm to 38.10mm. 

When combined with a 1.8 degree hybrid stepper motor, very fine positioning resolutions can be configured.  A brush or brushless DC motor also can be used for applications requiring higher speed and higher linear force output.  Positioning resolution in the case of a closed loop DC brushed or brushless motor is determined by the capabilities of the encoder system.  An encoder system can be added to either the motor or the leadscrew. 

For applications requiring even greater accuracy than can be accomplished with a rotary encoder, the rail system has features added to allow the integration of a linear encoder with micron resolution allowing feedback of the true load position

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