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Reliance Precision and REACH

Reliance does not manufacture substances; nor do we import them from outside the EU in quantities greater than 1 tonne pa. Reliance therefore has no need to register substances directly.  

We use substances and preparations as generally intended by their manufacturer and we don't think it is necessary to communicate the manner of our usage to our suppliers.

We have reviewed the substances and preparations that we use and believe that risk of interruption to our business or to the supply of parts to our customers due to the introduction of REACH is negligible. We are not assessing the regulation status with our supply chain because the items that we use are either widely used and so likely to be registered, or easily replaced by equivalent products. This review continues.

Clearly the sustained use of substances in products is the responsibility of the design authority. This may be our customer in which case we will work with the customer to develop a solution to any supply problems and will not implement change without design amendment. Our own products are designed to be unaffected by pending legislation (including REACH) wherever possible.

We do not use any substances which have been classified as a substance of very high concern. We do not use Halon or Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).