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  • Motorised X-Y Stage

Reliance Precision Develops Motorised X-Y Stage

Reliance Precision has successfully developed a motorised X-Y stage to suit a customer requirement. This is made possible through Reliance's comprehensive range of products and in-depth knowledge and experience of standard product integration.

Reliance was approached with a requirement for a motorised anti-backlash X-Y stage needing a positional accuracy of 0.010mm, unloaded repeatability of 0.005mm and a load capacity of 50N. To achieve a solution building blocks have been taken from Reliance's catalogue of mechatronic components, providing the essential linear actuator with anti-backlash nut and coupled with a linear slide to guide and support the system accurately. These products have been adapted to suit the specific requirements of this project, with design engineering to integrate the piece-parts and provide a custom assembly.