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Case Studies

Consistent, High Quality Delivery

A European company, taking a new design into full production, used Reliance's production engineering and test development capabilities to secure an effective supply of sub-assemblies delivered directly to its own assembly line. Reliance's provision of dedicated test facilities was able to prove the essential repeatability of performance to exacting quality standards.


Established Capabilities Secure Effective Delivery

An American company, investigating the outsourcing of an established sub-assembly, used Reliance's build standard control and supply chain management capabilities to support the development of its manufacturing strategy. Reliance's broader design capability helped ensure accurate delivery of product to specification and opened the door to further development of new features in the product line. 


Cost-Effective Legacy Support

A UK-based company, engaged in commercial and operational planning for a mature product, used Reliance's operational flexibility to maintain the product's commercial viability as it entered into its end-of-life phase. Reliance's commitment to long-term customer relationships enabled the company to continue to enjoy fast turn-round, cost-effective supply, in line with its own processes and operational requirements, just as it had expected during the high volume growth phase. 

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