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Over 50 years' operational experience

New Product Introduction

In order to ensure and facilitate the smooth transition of projects into manufacturing and assembly, new projects are managed by our New Product Introduction team. This team of skilled project engineers is experienced in handling complex projects with compressed lead times, and have first-hand operational experience gained within the company.


Component Manufacturing

Reliance offers a high precision component manufacturing service, which is both flexible and responsive. To offer best value to our customers, where quality, reliability and lead-times are critical, we combine our in-house capability with the use of tightly controlled external resources. Our ability to measure to sub-micron tolerances in our rod and ceramic production cells positions Reliance at the leading edge in this field.


Assembly and Test

Reliance offers an extensive range of assembly services supported by extensive cleaning facilities, which are suitable for the requirements of high-vacuum systems, mechanical and electro-mechanical systems and integration of optics and lasers. Our highly skilled build and test personnel are capable of assembly and measurement to sub-micron levels, and this degree of precision puts Reliance at the forefront of assembly and test for today's cutting edge products.


Spares, Repairs and Refurbishment

Reliance provides spares packages, tailored individually, so that our customers are able to support their product line from early growth, into maturity, and through to end-of-life.

Customers are able to order spares efficiently, with fast turnround, fully tested, and packed in line with their own specification. Spares can be delivered directly to point-of-use, reducing costly stock in multiple locations. Products in the field can be returned for repair and refurbishment, with full traceability, delivered directly back into service.