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Established Capabilities Secure Effective Delivery

A leading American supplier of scientific instrumentation agreed to trial Reliance's manufacturing and assembly capabilities as part of a review of its manufacturing strategy. The company was investigating the viability of expanding its supply chain for one of its existing flagship product lines, to enable it to buy in sub-systems, built to specification. The company placed an order for delivery of a sample batch against a deadline, target price and in line with its design and quality specifications.

Reliance's established capabilities in Build Standard Control and Supply Chain Management were important factors in the company having the confidence to proceed. The design drawings and extensive bill of materials were assessed carefully by Build Standard Control and adapted to match the design and manufacturing methodologies of both companies. Reliance's in-house IT system enabled core build control disciplines to be adhered to, whilst providing the necessary flexibility. With parts manufactured by Reliance and by the company's existing overseas component suppliers, Supply Chain Management ensured that the necessary commercial and technical relationships were developed. Long-standing relationships with existing suppliers also underpinned Reliance's ability to meet deadlines when difficulties occurred and packaging needed re-designing under tight time pressure. Diligence in both these core capabilities ensured that the company received its deliveries on time, to specification and at the right price; resulting in further orders being placed.

Although the trial batch was focused on manufacturing, assembly and test, Reliance's design team had an important role to play in securing delivery on time and to specification. The drawings were reviewed and time taken to understand how the company worked, in order to help ease the process of design clarification. Solutions were proposed to address aspects needing clarification and approval sought from the company's design authority. This proactive attitude and thoroughness in design increased the company's confidence, such that it is now working with Reliance on new design features for its product line.