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Consistent, High Quality Delivery

A European aerospace company wanted to secure an effective transition from development into full production to achieve consistent, on-time delivery. Its long-standing experience of Reliance's production and test capabilities led to a decision to develop Reliance's involvement from its original plan for component manufacture, to supplying higher level assemblies, enabling the company to focus on the system level assembly.

A full design pack was provided to Reliance, which was reviewed in-depth alongside the key in-service performance criteria. The aim of the review was to bring together Reliance's experience of similar assemblies with the company's own experience in building the design, in order to jointly agree areas for improvement to help secure long-term production stability and efficiency. Critical manufacturing processes were identified and thorough test and measurement processes established, including the design of hardware and software to prove the design over repeated test cycles. The introduction of the assembly into Reliance's operational facility was managed by the lead assembly engineer, to secure the benefit of experience from building similar assemblies and to provide a single point of contact for problem resolution.

The production ramp-up had to meet a stringent delivery schedule, along with consistent, proven reliability against specification. Significant technical issues were faced and resolved; these were tackled openly with full dialogue between both companies' technical teams, recognising and using each other's skills and experience. The resulting deliveries now meet the required repeatability of performance and, with the benefit of specially designed bar-coded packaging, are supplied directly to the point of use.